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Cassie's contentment

We got Cassie from Yorkshire Jerry Green when she was around four months. She will be 9 next week. We now live in Cumbria. She has health...
30/10/2013 20:38 - North Yorkshire

Poppy's peaceful life

POPPY This is Poppy; we got her about 5 years ago.  She was very nervous, poor thing; you had to keep her inside because she was nervous w...
29/10/2013 17:54

Jenna happy jogging

Hi Just a quick message to say that Jenna has settled in really well with us. Here's a photo of us on one of our regular 4 mile walks! ...
28/10/2013 21:55 - Nottinghamshire

Skye settles in

Hi Just a note to let you know that Skye has settled in really well. We're all enjoying lots of walks and she loves to sit on my knee! She ...
25/10/2013 19:57 - East Yorkshire

Rosie's Day

Hi We adopted Rosie just on a year ago; she has been a wonderful addition to our family and we love her dearly... As you can see by the pics sh...
24/10/2013 17:11 - North Lincolnshire

Scooby has a long happy life

Hello- I thought you would like know that I adopted a dog from you over 12 years ago and he is 14years old now. He has been an excellent...
23/10/2013 20:12 - North Lincolnshire

Axel's Week

  Hi Axel is loving his new life on his 250 acre farm, he’s even helping round up the sheep Axel has been great this week....
21/10/2013 21:41 - South Lincolnshire

Archie Settles in

  Hi Sapphire   Archie has settled in very well; it’s like he has always been here. Archie has claimed our bed and...
21/10/2013 21:20 - Nottinghamshire

Rosie's rewards

Hi all   Ged and Debbie here who re-homed Rosie, the little chunky Staffie a few months back.   Just letting you all know...
10/10/2013 17:34 - North Yorkshire

Jimmy at home

Margot tells our Notts Centre:  Jimmy  has settled in really well and seems to be loving his new home; he's like my little shadow. ...
06/10/2013 17:23 - Nottinghamshire
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