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Paddy and Coke

Ghislaine tells us... Here is our lovely Paddy whom we adopted about a year ago from the N. Lincs Centre, having to share his bed with Coke the cat...
13/04/2012 20:51 - North Lincolnshire

Ellie relaxing

Ellie (from North Lincs) relaxing happily in the garden! Thank you Jerry Green!
13/04/2012 00:12 - North Lincolnshire

Blade - sharp as a knife!

Hi there to all at Jerry Greens! I am just writing to say hi and let you know how I have been getting on in the last year. When I was with you ...
10/04/2012 20:01

Mia's Message

To my old friends at Jerry Green, From Mia Thompson I thought I’d let you know how I am doing! I have been with my new family now for about si...
07/04/2012 16:28 - Nottinghamshire

Kaiser grows up!

Lorraine at the East Yorkshire Centre says ... Kaiser(formerly Ollie) from East Yorkshire Centre called in to visit us. He was adopted from us in Oc...
05/04/2012 20:21 - East Yorkshire

Bertie at home

The Green Family have written in saying... This is just to tell you about how Bertie is doing.When we got Bertie last year we were overjoyed to call ...
03/04/2012 17:49 - Nottinghamshire

Pagan and friend

  At the end of November, 2000, we were heading out to Baytree to buy a Christmas tree, but took a wrong turning and ended up at Jerry Green nea...
02/04/2012 16:55 - South Lincolnshire

Brilliant Buster

I made myself so cute they took me home with them, and bought me lots of toys to play with. I really liked being with the people at Gilberdyke,  ...
28/03/2012 23:22 - East Yorkshire

Contented Max

Claire says… This is Max who I adopted from the  Blidworth Centre in Oct 2004, and I wouldn’t change him for the World xx
27/03/2012 23:30 - Nottinghamshire

Dusty's Happy Life

Debbie sent us this news… Hi this is Dusty… We rescued him through your Lincolnshire Centre 4 years ago. He’s a happy dog who no...
25/03/2012 20:54 - North Lincolnshire
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