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Troy's Happiness

Hi We attach a photo of Troy, our lovely Patterdale from Jerry Green, out and about, on his daily walk with his mistress. We had a few problems with...
02/08/2012 14:46

Alfie's Adventures

Hi, My name is Alfie.  2 years ago today I was adopted by my new family,  so I thought I would write to you and let you know how I am doing...
01/08/2012 20:10 - North Lincolnshire

Boots' News

Boots was adopted from East Yorkshire approximately 9 months ago. He called in today to say “Hello”! He was very excited to see us all an...
29/07/2012 23:31 - East Yorkshire

Happy Harry

Hello, my name's Angela O'Brien, I re homed Harry formally known as Titus, from the East Yorkshire Centre  last year. He's a very bouncy dog, ful...
27/07/2012 15:48 - East Yorkshire

Abbie's Adventures

Hiya everyone… Well as you can see I have really got my paws under the table.  I love my new home and I get to go to the park and for a s...
24/07/2012 21:37 - East Yorkshire

Scully's Success

Lorraine and the girls at E. Yorkshire Centre were happy for Scully, who went to her new family today...  Scully was very excited she thought sh...
24/07/2012 17:46 - East Yorkshire

Bumble and Friends

  Charlotte writes... These three gorgeous dogs all came from your Suffolk Branch. Tyler was adopted by my close family in 2009. I adopted Bum...
18/07/2012 14:32

Mikey Collie news

  Mikey was adopted from East Yorkshire Centre 5 years ago.   As you can see he is doing really well and is here enjoying the snow ea...
17/07/2012 23:06 - East Yorkshire

Quest pays a Visit

South Lincs had a visit today from Quest (formerly known as Girlie.) Quest was adopted six years ago but was always fondly remembered by staff, as sh...
12/07/2012 22:29 - South Lincolnshire

Zak's Home Comforts

Dear friends Just a quick note from Zak. I am having a great time in my new home with my new family. I am going for lots of long walks. ...
08/07/2012 17:48 - East Yorkshire
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