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Lily - now Minnie

Hi... Thought I would send this to show you how well Lily (Minnie) has settled in. This was taken the day after I picked her up. We love her alread...
15/01/2013 21:08 - North Lincolnshire

Mabel's Letter

Hello everyone, Just a photo to let you know my new owner has found me a bed at last, but I am still refusing to eat the stuff she provides. Give he...
15/01/2013 20:35 - North Lincolnshire

Benson settles in

South Lincs have received this lovely picture of Benson (Lurcher) settling into his new home in North Yorkshire. There's nothing like making yourself...
14/01/2013 21:33 - South Lincolnshire

Max is Content

HiHere is a picture of Max who we got from North Lincs 5 &1/2 yrs ago at the age of 5 months He loves kids and cats  - couldn't have asked f...
09/01/2013 23:08 - North Lincolnshire

Charlie Visits

Charlie was adopted from East Yorkshire Centre approximately 18 months ago and called in recently to say ‘Hello’ . Charlie was a favourit...
08/01/2013 20:40 - East Yorkshire

Magic Molly

Hi, Please find attached some photos of Molly,  who is taking over our  house. We are happy for you to use the photos of Molly on your web...
07/01/2013 20:14 - North Lincolnshire

Ted's in heaven is our Ted, who we got from N.Yorks Centre, loving his new home n long walks -   but most of all sleep! Hannah  
05/01/2013 17:09 - North Yorkshire

Toby's contentment

Here's a picture of our dog Toby who we got from the East Yorkshire kennels 10 years ago. Keep up the good work. Thanks Andy  
04/01/2013 19:56 - East Yorkshire

Archie finds love

Hi Just to let you know Archie is settling in fine. He is great out on walks with other dogs and people, and getting used to living in comfort in a h...
04/01/2013 19:40 - North Lincolnshire

Cassie's lovely life

Hi there We adopted a dog called Cassie about 4 years ago from the Notts Centre,  and she settled in really well with our other dog -  BUZZ...
02/01/2013 23:42 - Nottinghamshire
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